Being a small and innovative social enterprise company, it is difficult for us to reach out every people all alone nevertheless we aim to serve everybody with our efficacious cost effective health solution. We are working for inclusive growth and ought to like everybody to join our revolution "Let the Good Health Prevail". We seek support and alliance with the following with whom we can take our products to our people.
Government - 70% of our population lives in rural India. Majority of them could not afford costly western medicine. We need to address some very common health problems in the initial stage itself other wise they culminate and generates major numerous health problems in the later stage. Provided with the opportunity we would like to work with our Government for a healthy tomorrow.
Corporate - Through CSR they can address some of the prominent health problems of a particular area for which we have developed need based cost effective health solution.
Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) - They are working on grass root level with our common people. They identify and understand local health problems better. Many countries with inadequate health facility are facing major health problems and International foundation and other non-profit organization are working actively to bail them out. We are open to collaborate with them and join them to fight against the health challenges. We would like to serve common people through them and collectively we can work for a cause.
Pharma Sector - Traditional medicine has been practiced for thousands of years but it has always been based on clinical experience and not so much on clinical evidence like Western medicine. Strategy to integrate existing traditional knowledge of diseases with modern drug discovery technology can be a boon to humankind. Our digital library of 20000 herbal practices can act as a guiding factor.
Milk Producers Unions & Milk Marketing Federations - Today India is the largest milk producing country of the world but the world's biggest milk maker has not been able to keep pace with the demands at home and may soon turn a net importer if it does not urgently focus policy and investment into the dairy sector. India's milk requirement is expected to be 180 mt by 2021-22. We now produce only 112 mt. This means milk output must go up by 5.5% per annum over the next 12 years, compared with the current growth rate of 4%. Our product DudhNahar is the answer to this lacunae.
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